Hamden Youth Hockey Association

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 Policies reviewed and last updated on 23-Aug-2013

Policy Number Policy Name
0001 Tryouts
0002 Alternates
0003 Playing Time
0004 Minimum Age
0005 Outstanding Balances
0006 Student Coaches
0007 Hotel Rooms for Coaches
0008 Skating Up
0009 Equipment Requirements
0010 Misconducts
0011 Minimum Roster
0012 Injuries and Tryouts
0013 Schedules
0014 Assistant Coaches
0015 Medical Clearance
0016 Goalies
0017 Zero Tolerance
0018 Grievance Policy
0019 Board Election Eligibility

Policy Number: 0001 - Tryouts
All players must participate in every tryout session for the team they are trying out for. The Board of Directors reserves the right to excuse a player from a session for "Just Cause" only.

All players must state their intentions to tryout before or at the "FINAL" registration of the year. The FINAL registration will be advertised as such. Registrations may be taken at tryouts only if there are openings. The Board of Directors will decide on a case by case basis if a registration will be taken.
Policy Number: 0002 - Alternates
Alternates can be used only with the prior approval of the President or Vice President of the organization.
After approval the properly roster alternates will be a player within our program who has been chosen by a head coach of a higher team that is being brought up on a temporary basis to play with the higher team. (e.g. from a "B" team to an "A" team or a "C" team to a "B" team. The player must first honor commitments to his/her original team before playing up as an alternate.
No alternate may participate in more than 9 games per season with the higher team. It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to report any use of an alternate (games or practice) in advance to the President or Vice President of the Association. This policy is critical for protecting team rosters and player eligibility.
Policy Number: 0003 - Playing Time
All skaters chosen for a team must play a reasonable amount of time in each game.  There may be times (such as state tournament and close games) when playing time may be less than the normal.
Policy Number: 0004 - Minimum Age
A skater must be 4 years old as of Dec. 31 of the registration year to be able to register in Hamden Youth Hockey. This requirement may be waived at the Board of Directors discretion.
Policy Number: 0005 Outstanding Balances
Money that is owed the association from the previous year must be paid in full at registration before the start of the new season.  A player may not participate in any HYHA sponsored event or tryout for a team until said balance is paid in full.
The Outstanding balance is a FAMILY obligation. The FAMILY BALANCE must be paid in full before ANY player in a family is allowed to register. Also no releases will be given to a player until the FAMILY BALANCE is paid in full.
Policy Number: 0006 - Student Coaches
All coaches are encouraged to develop student coaches as well as their players. Coaches may take on up to a maximum of five (5) student coaches per team, however, no more than three (3) may be on the ice at any one time. The Clinic Director, upon consultation with the Board, may take more than three (3) student coaches on the ice. The appropriate number of student coaches on the ice at one time will be dependent on the needs of the clinic program at the time.
Coaches are expected to actively engage student coaches in their practice plans. Student coaches are expected to conduct themselves as full members of the coaching staff. 
Upon review by the Board, a team may loose the benefit that comes from student coaching if the Board observes student coach actions or behavior not adding to or otherwise detracting from the practice.
  • Each student coach playing hockey for their high school team is     strongly encouraged to check with their respective high school program to ensure their eligibility is not compromised by student coaching with HYHA
  • Student coach selections must be reviewed and approved by the Board.
  • Each student coach must:
    • be enrolled and attending High School
    • always be under the supervision of a carded, screened adult coach during all practices, clinics, try-outs, and in the locker room.
    • must be registered with USA Hockey via the HYHA Registrar.
    • wear a helmet with full face shield, gloves, and skates while on the ice.
    • wear a helmet while serving on the bench during games.
  • Each student coach may
    • assist multiple HYHA teams
    • not play during scrimmages or games.
  • In the case of Bantams, only high school players 16 years and older may serve as a student coach.
  • Upon reaching the age of 18, the student coach must comply with all USA Hockey coaching and screening rules and regulations.

Policy Number: 0007 - Hotel Rooms for Coaches
Coaches who do not have children in the program will be entitled to have their hotel rooms paid for any out of state tournaments the program participates in.  This payment shall only apply to one (1) Head Coach per team.
Policy Number: 0008 - Skating Up
All players must skate at their age level as determined by USA Hockey. In the event of an emergency the Board of Directors reserves the right to move a player dependent on parent approval.
Policy Number: 0009 - Equipment Requirements
All HYHA players must be fully equipped for practice and games.  This includes clinic players. All HYHA players must wear neck guards in all practices and games. All HYHA players must wear mouth guards.
Policy Number: 0010 - Misconducts
HYHA strictly adheres to the Zero Tolerance policies set forth by CHC and USAH and has adopted the following discipline policy regarding game misconducts and match penalties
First Game Misconduct
Any player or coach receiving a game misconduct is automatically suspended for the next scheduled practice and next scheduled game.
Second Game Misconduct
Any player or coach receiving a second game misconduct in the same season is automatically suspended from all team activities until such time that the player appears before the Board of Directors for the purposes of being reinstated. The reinstatement hearing shall take place at the convenience of the Board but not later than fifteen (15) days from the date of the infraction. A second misconduct is subject to disciplinary action up to and including a 30-day suspension from the time of the infraction.
Third Game Misconduct or Match Penalty
Any player or coach receiving a third game misconduct in the same season or a Match Penalty is automatically suspended from all team activities until such time that the player appears before the Board of Directors for the purposes of being reinstated. The reinstatement hearing shall take place at the convenience of the Board but not later than thirty (30) days from the date of the offense. A player or coach incurring a third misconduct in the same season or match penalty is subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the program.
The above is incidental to any CHC or USAH sanctions or appeal process.
In all cases it is the obligation of the coaching of the team to immediately report all such infractions to the Coaching Director and the President of the Board. Failure to comply will result in immediate suspension from HYHA pending a hearing.
Policy Number: 0011 - Minimum Roster 
Any registered team of Hamden Youth Hockey must consist of a minimum of eleven (11) players at the start of any season.
Policy Number: 0012 Injuries and Tryouts
If a child has an injury or is under the care of a doctor, which would prevent him or her from "A" or "B" tryouts, the coach may pick the player after consultation with the Board. Or the player may have an independent tryout when medically able at the discretion of the Board. The coach must be informed before the tryout.
Policy Number: 0013 - Schedules 
All HYHA teams must adhere to their respective game schedules.  Any team that does not comply with this policy will face disciplinary action by the Board.
Teams may not convert practice slots into game slots without prior approval of the board of directors.
Policy Number: 0014 - Assistant Coaches 
All assistant coaches are to be picked by the head coach and approved by the Board.
Policy Number: 0015 - Medical Clearance
Players who have been injured or suffered a serious illness, and who have sought treatment by a member of the medical profession may be precluded from resuming normal Hamden Youth Hockey Association activities when, in the best judgment of the Board of Directors, player, or other players, may be considered to be at risk.
Parents or guardians are requested to seek appropriate medical advice regarding the resumption of hockey activities in which a doctor’s release will be required before the player will be allowed on the ice.
If a player is considered to be at risk, even though a parent or guardian assumes all liability, the Hamden Youth Hockey Association Board of Directors reserves the right to make a final determination as to whether that player will be allowed on the ice.
Policy Number: 0016 - Goalies
For all "A" and "B" teams at the squirt level and above, once a player completes the tryout process as a goalie and is placed on a team, that player must remain as a goalie for the remainder of the season.
Any HYHA goalies at Squirt level or higher must provide their own equipment and return any HYHA provided equipment to the organization or be assessed the replacement value of the equipment.  If a player chooses to leave the program, the equipment must be returned before a release will be issued.
Policy Number: 0017 - Zero Tolerance
The Board of Directors reserves the right to terminate a player or family member from HYHA and sponsored events for just cause. No abuse of anyone will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to, players, coaches, officials, fans or league officials.
Policy Number: 0018 Grievance Procedure  
All grievances must be presented in writing to the Board of Directors. All grievances will be addressed by the board. Anonymous grievances will not be acknowledged.

Policy Number: 0019 Board Election Eligibility  
For a person to be eligible to run for a Board position, they must have attended 3 open board meetings in the year proceeding their election (September - April) and must be present at the election.